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Providing Hypnotherapy in Lincoln, Louth and Surrounding Areas

Here at Hypnotherapy Plus we provide Hypnotherapy, Counselling and CBT in Lincoln and Louth, fusing together a full holistic service. We offer each therapy as an individual service or as complimentary combination therapies.

Hypnotherapy Lincoln – Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Loss and Grief, Smoking Cessation, Performance Enhancement, Pain Reduction, Phobias and Fears, Sleep Disorders, Addiction, Weight loss and much more for individuals, couples and families.

Hypnotherapy appointments can be arranged to be completed from the comfort of your own home if it is more suitable for you. This can be talked about over the phone during your assessment and the right therapist assigned to you. Click the link below to contact us.

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Hypnotherapy Plus - Lincoln

Hypnotherapy Plus is committed to fusing high quality psychological therapies in Lincoln and Louth, and their surrounding areas. We offer concessions to those who need our help, and offer complete individualised therapeutic service packages.

We believe Hypnotherapy, Counselling and CBT really do enhance people’s lives. We want you to know that our team are devoted first and foremost to developing and helping you live a fulfilling and balanced life.  We are committed to providing the highest quality care in Lincoln, within a professional environment, minimising ‘psychobabble’ and putting a spot light on practical strategies to help you live better.

What we know about modern society is the amount of pressure placed on the individual to be externally complete is over-bearing. Hypnotherapy Plus has come together as a collective to ensure that the emphasis of your complete ‘being’; increasing self worth from your own perspective,  from your own ideals, from your own beliefs systems. We provide Hypnotherapy for smokinganxietyperformance enhancementaddiction, and much more. We also provide Counselling and CBT therapies for a range of issues. Please get in touch with us to see how we could help you.

We have a wealth of experience in helping people to live a fuller, healthier and more impactful life by offering a range of Counselling, CBT and Hypnotherapy services in Lincoln and Louth.

Hypnotherapy Plus is dedicated to helping people improve their emotional well-being and quality of life and decreasing psychological health difficulties.

We also provide Hypnotherapy Training in Lincoln; Workshops and Courses covering a variety of healthy mind topics from our Lincoln Hub. We are based in Lincoln (UK) and Louth and cover the surrounding areas.

As a collective we believe that each individual is a being of unlimited potential.  Each have an inherent desire to seek a sense of self and have within them the resources to change their journey in any way they choose. We would like to help you on that journey.

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Your Testimonials

“I had a consultation for feeling anxious when meeting new people, it is a problem i have had for years. The therapist that saw me helped to reduce my fear through CBT and only 2 Hypnotherapy sessions. Im now able to live a much care free life” B.H

“Hypnotherapy Plus has helped me to help myself. They did an amazing job of writing a Hypnotherapy script for me that has empowered me and made me more confident.” Susie

“I used to be a smoker, but a few counselling sessions and only one Hypnotherapy session has given me the confidence to live my life without addiction. Hypnotherapy Plus opened up the door to the possibility that I can be who I choose to be.” Miriam